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Does a Filler Ease Signs of Aging? What To Ask First: Healthline

As is the case with many of our patients, whether to fill or not to fill is a common question and features Dr. Green in “Considering Cosmetic Procedures to Ease Signs of Aging? Do This First” today with some insight. Aging has both physical and psychological impacts for men and women, and the article talks about Botox, Chin Augmentation, Laser Skin Treatment and more. “Many of these treatments … require regular follow-ups for consistent results in the form of younger, firmer, and smoother skin,” says cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Michele Green in the article.

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Ahead of these summer months, Dr. Green also notes that one should use “SPF of 30 or higher daily and reapply every two hours to aid in the prevention of sunspots, age spots, and wrinkles. It will also reduce your risk of skin cancer.” Find out more about how fillers can work for you at –

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