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Can a Sunburn leave a dent in ones forehead? Interview with Live Science

You may have heard some recent news about Cade Huckaby, a man in Texas learning the hard way about the importance of using sunscreen. Mr. Huckaby had developed a sunburn so severe that he even tweeted about making a dent in his forehead.

Pain and redness of sunburns is common, but severe sunburns can also cause swelling and blisters and even a fever, but can it cause you to push dents in your own forehead? Live Science wanted to find out if this really was the case and interviewed Dr. Michele Green. “It’s very peculiar,” Green said, noting that she more commonly sees effects such as blisters and skin pigmentation or de-pigmentation associated with sunburns.

From widening of blood vessels in the skin, down to damaging DNA in your cells, over-exposure to the sun can cause many problems, and having newly exposed skin such as his recent shaved head, which is “like baby skin, new skin,” and is very sensitive. He has since recovered from the ability to make a dent, but getting sunburned each time increases your risk of premature skin aging and skin cancer, including melanoma.

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