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Byrdie and Dr Green Discuss if Aluminum in Deodorant is Bad

There has been a lot of news and discussion over the years as to whether aluminum used in underarm products such as antiperspirants is safe. Brydie have looked into this issue and have discussed the topic with dermatologists, including Dr. Michele Green to find out if this is something you should be concerned about, or whether there isn’t really an issue at all.

Dr. Green states that there have been a number of studies and there have been no clear-cut conclusions. Ultimately, to prevent underarm sweating as a goal, then antiperspirants should be safe to use.

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You can read the full article to understand the pros and cons of using an antiperspirant, in the article on the Byrdie web site, titled: Ask a Dermatologist: Why Is Aluminum in Deodorant So Controversial?

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