Hives Treatment

Hives-New-YorkHives, which are also called urticaria, are welts on the skin that often itch. Hives can appear anywhere on the skin and can vary in size to a millimeter to several centimeters. When they grow in clusters they are called welts. As one spots subsides, a new spot often forms elsewhere on the skin within 24 hours.

An acute hive appears suddenly and often disappears in a few days or weeks. Hives that last longer than six weeks are called chronic hives. Hives may be associated with deep swelling of the eyelids and lips in a process called angioedema.

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Causes of Hives
There are many caused of hives ranging from an allergic reaction to a medication, a virus, the sun, food, animals, insect bites, pollen, stress, lupus, among others.

Diagnosis of Hives
Dr. Michele Green will obtain a complete history and physical exam during your consultation. Often the diagnosis of hives is made simply by looking at the skin. If needed, blood work may be ordered to rule out an illness or infection. Allergy tests may be needed later to uncover the cause of the reaction. At times a skin biopsy may be performed as well to differentiate the rash from other similar reactions.

Treatment ranges based of the cause of the hives. Antihistamines, topical steroids, and oral cortisones are some of the medications used by Dr. Green to treat this condition.

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