Strawberry Hemangioma (Birth Mark) Treatment New York

Hemangiomas are benign growths that are present on the skin, made up of endothelial cells which are cells that line blood vessels. 30% of hemangiomas are present at birth.


Most hemangiomas that are present from birth disappear without treatment, such as superficial or “strawberry” hemangiomas. Larger or deeper hemangiomas may require steroid injections or laser therapy to reduce the size of the vessels. Recent studies show that the beta-blocker propanolol may be effective in reducing severe hemangiomas in infants.

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Cherry Angioma (Cherry Hemangioma) Treatment New York

Cherry Angiomas are red pauples on the skin containing an abnormal proliferation of blood vessels. They range in color from bright red to purple. They may grow from as little as one millimeter to a centimeter or more in diameter.

Cherry Angiomas appear spontaneously in many people in middle age, bur can appear in younger people as well.


Electrocautery can be used to remove the lesions. Pulsed dye laser with the V-Beam® or IPL can be used to remove these lesions without any discoloration.

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