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How to have a beautiful décolletage at the office of Dr. Michele Green

Many people remember to put sunscreen and take care of the skin on their face and forget all about the skin on their necks and chest. One of the most common complaints that I hear in my office is that their check and neck makes them look old.

Before & After Image of Décolletage


*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

Since the neck and chest is one of the first places that shows our age it is important to treat this area and both prevent further aging.

You want to cleanse this area with a gentle cleanser, nothing too abrasive since this will lead to more redness and broken blood vessels. I often prescribe Vitamin C and MGSKINLABS duo serums to be used to rejuvenate this area. The serums promote collagen formation, lighten up sun damage and minimize redness, to leave the skin with a more radiant glow.

To treat sun/age spots I use a combination of lasers to help remove them. The V-Beam is the gold standard for background redness and spider veins from the skin becoming thin from sun damage. The Fraxel, or mini-Fraxel (Clear and Brilliant) and chemical peels are all excellent at removing dark spots and fine lines. BBL and Thermage are both key in helping tighten this delicate neck area and producing new collagen for younger looking skin. Of course strict sun avoidance and sunscreen usage are essential at keeping this skin younger once it is treated.

Most recently Aquagold has been FDA approved and is fabulous at treating the décolletage by infusing Botox and Hyaluronic Acids directly into the dermis. This microneedling technique allows these ingredients to treat areas such as the hands, neck, and chest that have never been able to be treated. The result is younger, more beautiful skin.

To find out more about these procedures to rejuvenate the décolletage please call the office of Dr. Michele Green at 212-535-3088 or contact us online.

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