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When it comes to aesthetic treatments such as skin rejuvenation there are a lot of different options available to male and female patients looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face and body. One of the options that is available is a recently FDA approved solution called Endymed. This particular skin tightening solution uses a method called 3DEEP RF Technology and is now available in the New York area.

The way EndyMed and RF technology work is that they use focused radio frequency which heats the dermis within the skin layer. This process kick starts the body’s own healing process to boost new collagen production. This natural collagen production process helps the skin become more elastic and in turn can help make the skin surface appear brighter with a better skin tone across the treatment area.

About EndyMed Intensif

EndyMed Intensif combines both the 3DEEP RF technology with Microneedling. The way microneedling works is that the applicator is used to make tiny, miniature holes in the skin. This process is designed to prompt collagen production. Since 3DEEP technology is also designed to help with collagen production, EndyMed Intensif is a solution that uses two separate techniques to accomplish the same goal. This multi-layer approach helps reduce skin laxity and improve skin tone.

EndyMed Intensif is suitable for both body tightening and facial tightening.  These RF microneedling treatments may also be used to benefit light acne scars and other issues with the skin’s surface such as roughness and hyperpigmentation, all with minimal discomfort.

It may require up to six Endymed treatments spaced over a week or two to gain the full benefit from the procedure. Generally there is minimal downtime or side effects and this means you can receive the treatment on an out-patient basis and even fit it in on a lunch break for example. Some patients however, may experience some redness after the treatment. Although EndyMed 3deep uses RF technology for dermal heating, there is minimal pain involved with the procedure. Most patients report that the skin simply feels hot. For use with microneedling and combined treatments, generally the needles are so small that they do not typically hurt as they do not penetrate the skin deep enough. However, some numbing cream may be used depending on the individual.

What results can I expect from EndyMed

EndyMed RF treatments can offer long term results to the patient. Because EndyMed relies on the body’s own natural collagen production to help tighten skin, it takes only a few weeks for the treatment to take effect but this also means that the skin will continue to improve over time (up to three months after the last EndyMed treatment).

Whether for acne scars, wrinkles, or skin tightening in areas such as the neck or chin, find out how skin tightening options such as EndyMed could work for you and contact Dr. Michele Green at her New York based office by calling 212 535 3088 or contacting us online.

Note: Dr. Green does not offer Endymed at the moment, but please call us or email us for future availability.

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