What is Glutathione and does Glutathione work for skin lightening

Glutathione is often cited as a treatment for skin lightening, and is used in a number of different ways, from pills to topical creams and even injections. There are many articles that suggest that Glutathione can be used for skin lightening and has been rumored to be used by celebrities ranging from Beyonce to Michael Jackson, but is it safe?

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a substance that occurs naturally in the body and it is produced in the liver. It is also found in a range of the foods we eat, such as various fruits and vegetables. However, as a substance or treatment option, Glutathione is not approved by the FDA. So despite being available online and in places like Amazon, the sale of Glutathione in the form of a skin whitening capsule for instance is not regulated in any way.

The FDA approval is important, as we currently do not understand what the long-term health risks a patient may be putting themselves at risk of are. It’s true that Glutathione is naturally produced by the body in small doses, but when this dose is increased, we do not have firm facts as to what the potential side-effects may be. Various studies have been performed recently too, such as this one by the US National Library of Medicine, but there is no conclusive evidence of it working for skin lightening yet.

In addition to this, for individuals who are concerned about issues such as sun spots or pigmentation, then certain creams, pills and injections aren’t going to be able to target specific areas of your skin. There are however a number of FDA-approved treatments for skin lightening on the market that are much more suitable and safer than Glutathione.

Recommended Options for Skin Lightening

Dr. Michele Green uses a few treatment methods, for example the Fraxel Dual laser or Clear & Brilliant laser can treat pigmentation, while sun spots can be treated with the Candela® Alex-Trivantage Laser. These methods even work in darker skin patients.

Skin lightening can also be achieved via chemical peels, which safely and effectively lightens skin even in patients with the darkest pigmentation. One option that she often uses with chemical peels is Cosmelan, a skin bleaching peel that works on all skin types.

One of the great things about the internet is that it is a fantastic source of information, but on the other hand, the information found is not always factually correct. When it comes to dermatology questions, you should contact a professionally trained dermatologist to discuss your issues and concerns. Not only should they provide you with factually correct information, but they will also take your own individual case into consideration.

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