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Injectable lip fillers are great and an effective way to enhance the appearance of your pout, however there are times that the outcome is not what’s anticipated and removal of the lip injections is needed. The good news is unwanted lip filler can be dissolved. Hyaluronidase is a natural enzyme found in our bodies. Hyaluronidase Injections can dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers such as Belotero, Juvederm Voluma and Restylane quickly and naturally.

Before and After Photo: Two treatments of Hyaluronidase under the eyes to dissolve bad Juvederm injected under her eyes

There are several reasons why a patient may want to remove the injected hyaluronic acid filler. In my practice I dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers from patients who have had botched lip fillers from other dermatology and plastic surgery practices or untrained individuals using unregulated fillers. The patients are unhappy with the results of the poorly placed filler and want it removed. Hyaluronidase can also be used for patients experiencing an allergic reaction, or simply unhappy with the results of dermal fillers. Unlike Botox there is no need to wait if you are unhappy with the results or no longer want that look. Facial fillers and lip fillers can be dissolved, as seen recently on social media and in the news when Kylie Jenner had her lip fillers dissolved simply because she no longer wanted that “look.”

Allergic Reactions to Dermal Fillers

Allergic reactions to dermal filler though rare, can happen, and hyaluronidase injections can dissolve the filler without causing any damage to the skin. The enzyme breaks down the hyaluronic acid in the areas injected. Hyaluronidase accelerates the breakdown of the hyaluronic acid sugars within the connective tissues of the dermis. The acceleration speeds up the dissolution of the hyaluronic acid so patients don’t have to wait three to six months for the body to naturally break the sugars down. The effects of hyaluronidase are immediate once the residual swelling from the injection site dissipates.

With celebrities like the Kardashians openly discussing about their dermal filler injection experience, much media attention has been given to hyaluronic acid fillers over the past few years. Hyaluronic acid fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments used to add volume, minimize fine lines and wrinkles. With the increase in usage by unskilled injectors, the good news for patients is a botched dermal filler treatment is not permanent and can be reversed. The reversal of a botched lip filler should take even more consideration than the initial treatment as it takes even more skill to carefully inject the hyaluronidase than it takes to inject the dermal filler. The smartest thing you can do for yourself is to seek an experienced injector to correct any botched lip filler.

Risk of MedSpas and Botox Parties

With the awareness of cosmetic surgery, patients need to be more aware of beauticians and untrained medical professionals in Medspas or “botox parties.” A recent example are the three Arizona women who had terrible results when they were injected by a beautician at a Botox Party. In short, do your research and consult with a board-certified dermatologist experienced in dermal fillers. Working together with your dermatologist and discussing your expectations will ensure you don’t end up with too much filler. Your dermatologist understands your expectations and will decide what the best fillers you should receive to have the best results.

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