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As we age we are more prone to sun damage and sunspots appearing on our skin. These spots can also be known as age spots and typically occur because of excessive exposure to the sun. This can be quite a common occurrence in men, who in many cases have not historically used sun block or sunscreen, and have spent a lot of time outdoors, especially those men who are keen on sports and partake in outdoor activities on a regular basis.

For example: A higher percentage of women reported that they regularly use sunscreen on their face (42.6 percent) than on other exposed skin (34.4 percent). This discrepancy was smaller among men, with 18.1 percent regularly using sunscreen on their face and 19.9 percent regularly using it on other exposed skin. (Source – American Academy of Dermatology

Over time even those individuals who have been careful and used sunscreen on a regular basis can still have issues with sunspots and discoloration. The reason for this is that any form of sun exposure will increase the melanin within the skin. Melanin is a natural occurring substance that can increase with sun exposure. The downside to additional melanin production within the skin is that it can make it appear darker, and patchy over time. For men looking to treat sun damage or pigmentation issues within the skin the good news is that there is a number of different procedures that we can use to help improve the overall look and tone of the skin.

When the goal is to completely remove sun spots one of the first types of treatment that we’ll consider is laser treatment. Laser treatments can come in a number of different forms, and there are different lasers that can be used to treat different conditions. Some of the possible solutions that may be used is the Candela Alex-Trivantage. This laser targets the sun damage directly and can be used to remove sun spots. Generally, it takes a week to recover from this laser so some down time is required.

In addition to the Candela Alex-trivantage the Fraxel Dual laser, or the Clear + Brilliant, laser may be used if appropriate. Typically, the amount of sun damage needs to be taken into consideration, along with how many treatments the patient may wish to undertake. For men who have minor sun damage issues that they are looking to clear up, a ‘lighter’ treatment such as Clear & Brilliant, which works well on fair complexions may be suitable.

In some cases it is possible to treat a number of different things in one go. For example, men who also wish to reduce the appearance of both wrinkles and sun spots at the same time may benefit from a session with the Fraxel Dual laser which can help both issues at once.

It should be noted that sun damage doesn’t necessarily occur just on the face, although this is the area that we most commonly deal with. Other areas can include the chest and body and in these cases laser treatments can also work well in reducing the appearance of sun spots on the skin.

Skin damage caused by excess sun exposure can be treated using other techniques that do not use a laser. Chemical peels, which are growing in popularity amongst men, can also be used to treat sun damage. One of the advantages of a chemical peel is that they can treat quite a large area of skin at a time. Chemical peels are available in a range of different strengths, but generally we only ever recommend having superficial (light) or medium peels and we tend not to recommend deep peels since the recovery time for these peels can be very long.

Before and after pictures

57yo male alextrivantage sunspots before after 2 MGwatermark

57 year old male treated for sun spots with AlexTrivantage laser

*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

Sun damage and sun spots caused by UV exposure are common conditions that affect many men especially as they get older. For those men who work outdoors, or play a lot of sports it can be common to see sun damage on exposed areas such as the hands, face and chest.

For those looking to treat male age spots, there are a range of treatments that are suitable to treat this condition and help rejuvenate the skin and reduce sun damage. Typically, treatments fall into two different methodologies. First, laser treatments, such as the Fraxel Dual laser or the Clear and Brilliant laser can be used to treat sun damage in men.

Alternatively chemical peel treatments can also be used where appropriate. Depending on the damage that has been caused and your skin type, Dr. Green will determine which method is best suited for your needs.

Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment for Sun Damage in Men

The Fraxel Dual laser is a great way to treat sun damage on male patients, along with age spots and pigmentation issues. Since the Fraxel Dual laser allows for almost no patient downtime the treatment can be carried out even on those who have a busy schedule and do not want to take too much time out to recover. For sun damage issues then the treatment plan can be as little as one or two sessions. For those also looking to treat fine lines or wrinkles then more sessions will be required.

Yag / Alex-TriVantage Treatment for Sun Damage

For men who have brown spots that caused by sun damage one of the quickest ways to reduce the effect of the damage is through a course of treatment with the Q-Switched Yag. In fact for brown spot treatment the Yag laser can be the first choice solution. This laser is fast and effective and typically only one treatment is required to remove the sun damage. The main downside to the Yag laser is that it will take a week or so to heal from the treatment. Typically the brown spot, or treatment area will turn white and then a scab will form. Shortly after this the scab will fall off and the sun damage will have been repaired. For those who can afford to take some time out then this is a highly effective way to get better looking skin.

Clear and Brilliant Laser treatment for Sun Spots

Another great way for a man to treat sun damaged skin is to undertake treatment using the Clear & Brilliant Laser. In many ways this laser is similar to the Fraxel laser and in fact many people call the Clear and Brilliant treatment a ‘mini-Fraxel’. What this actually means for those men with sun damage is that the Clear and Brilliant laser is considered a less invasive procedure which means that there is zero down time after the treatment. Typically 5-6 sessions will be required to get the same impact (depending on the severity of the sun damage) as the Fraxel.

Chemical Peels to Treat Sun Damage in Men

Generally chemical peels are more suitable for those who have a lighter skin complexion and also for those who have minimal skin sagging. Here Dr. Green can advise you as to whether a chemical peel is suitable for your own individual case. For men who meet these criteria, displaying fine lines, wrinkles or sun damage – a chemical peel is a potential solution to this problem. Peels typically fall into three distinct types, superficial peels, medium depth peels, and the rarely performed deep peel. Depending on the severity of your sun damage, Dr. Green will determine what peel treatment is best suited to you. Another consideration is the length of time it takes to recover from a chemical peel. For example, a medium depth peel will take between five to ten days to heal.

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