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Skin Care Products to use when on Accutane: NBC News

NBC News today looked at “The best skin care products to use if you’re on Accutane, according to experts.”  In addition to the top products and a look at what Accutane can do to combat moderate or severe acne,  Dr. Michele Green mentioned that “Accutane reduces sebum production, which can lead to dryness across the body,” and “while this dryness can be very uncomfortable, it is harmless and can be managed with over-the-counter moisturizers.”  Dry skin is a common issue and thus moisturizers and serums are popular options – including brands such as Cerave and Kiehl’s, which has hyaluronic acid. “The serum is fragrance-free and formulated with minimal ingredients, making it excellent for those experiencing sensitivity,” says Green in the article where she is quoted in various parts for her insight on each product.

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