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mindbodygreen Talk to Dr. Green About Tea Tree Oil For Acne

When it comes to dealing with acne there are a lot of different things that you can try that can help, one of which is tea tree oil. The reason for this, as Dr. Green explains, is because tea tree oil is both an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial which can help with some of the symptoms with acne. She notes in the article “it can kill off acne-causing bacteria, soothe inflammation, and calm swelling and redness associated with acne.”

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mindbodygreen have talked to Dr. Green about tea tree oil to learn how it can help with acne and skin issues. Find out more about how tea tree oil works and why it is good for your skin.

Check out the article, “Tea Tree Oil For Acne: Benefits, Research & How To Use The Essential Oil” on mindbodygreen.

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