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Byrdie Talk to Dr. Green About Tanning & Overall Wellness

Byrdie talk to Dr. Green about two different subjects, the first on myths related to tanning beds. Dr. Green and the article highlight that some of the perceived benefits from using tanning beds aren’t factually correct, and in fact they can pose a significant risk to your health.

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In the second article that features Dr. Green, Byrdie explore some of the predictions for healthcare and wellness in 2021. Find out what expects such as Dr. Green think will happen to this industry over the following year.

You can read the first article, “Do You Get Vitamin D From Tanning Beds? And 5 Other Tanning Misconceptions” and also the second article, “From TikTok Fitness to the Metaphysical: Your 2021 Wellness Forecast“, at the Byrdie web site.

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