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Are Kids Too Young For Preventative Skincare: Health Magazine

Skincare products have become increasingly popular with kids, but is that a good or a bad thing?  “A child’s skincare routine should be basic,” Michele Green, MD, notes in today and mentions “many of the active ingredients in anti-aging skincare products may be irritating to young skin.”

Keep it simple at best, such as cleansers as “Retinol and chemical exfoliant ingredients like AHAs [alpha hydroxy acids] and BHAs [beta hydroxy acids] may have a negative impact on the natural protective barrier and microbiome of young skin, which is still changing and can be more sensitive,” Green said in the article.

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Learn more about how Active Ingredients in Anti-Aging Skincare Products Can Damage Children’s Skin at “How Young Is Too Young For Preventative Skincare? Here’s What Experts Want You To Know” on

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