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Please note Dr. Green is not contracted with any insurance company. Please contact your individual insurance carrier to confirm what your individual out of network benefits are. The initial consultation fee is $450.00 and can be applied towards any cosmetic treatment within 3 months. A 48-hour notice is required for cancellation otherwise patient is responsible for a $450 cancellation fee for new patients and $100 for existing patients. Payment is due when services are rendered.


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Please inform Dr. Green at any time if you do plan to or become pregnant during your treatment period. At the time of your first visit to this office, it is necessary for your entire skin to be examined. This will enable Dr. Green to see not only the particular skin condition for which you are consulting us, but also other skin problems of which you may not be aware. You will be provided with a proper gown for your examination. If for any reason you do not wish to have such a general examination of your skin, please tell Dr. Green and she will make a note on your chart regarding your wishes.

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It is our office policy to have 48 hour cancellation notice otherwise an office visit fee of $100.00 will apply for existing patients and $450 for first time patients. Missed appointments without notification will automatically be charged an office visit fee. Payment is expected at the time of visit. After 90 days all outstanding bills will automatically be forwarded for collection. All bounced checks will incur a $20.00 fee. All unpaid balances will accrue a finance charge of 3% per month and a $3.00 billing charge. I hereby authorize Dr. Michele S. Green, M.D., P.C. to charge to the below account, any outstanding balance. In the event that fees are not paid as delineated above, I agree to pay any and all collection and/or attorney’s fees incurred.
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