Scabies Treatment

Scabies is a contagious skin infection that occurs among humans caused by a tiny itch mite called Sarcoptes Scabiei. The mite is so tiny that you cannot see it on a person’s skin. The mite burrows under the host’s skin and causes intense allergic itching.

The disease is highly contagious and may be spread from person to person or from inanimate objects. After first time exposure, the rash may manifest itself after two to six weeks. If there is a history of previous exposure, the rash may be evident in 24 hours.

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Scabies can be seen in all people, even the very young infants and the elderly. Crusted scabies, also called Norwegian Scabies, may develop in the elderly or those who have weakened immune systems.

Treatment of Scabies is generally 5% permethrin cream. For severe widespread scabies, Dr. Green may prescribe ivermectin in the form of a one dose pill. Other treatments may consist of antihistamines to control the itch or pramoxine lotion and steroid creams.

Since scabies is highly contagious, everyone in your home may need to be treated to minimize exposure. Once treatment is initiated, Dr. Green recommends washing all of your clothes, towels, bedding, and washcloths in the hottest water possible and drying thoroughly. Any items that cannot be washed should be sealed in a plastic bag for at least 1 week. Vacuum your entire home including carpeting and upholstered furniture.

Scabies must be treated with prescription medications from the doctor and does not go away without treatment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us online today or call 212-535-3088 if you’re ready to learn more about treating scabies.