Posion Ivy Treatment

poison-ivy-new-yorkPoison Ivy, oak, or sumac can develop a pruritic red itchy rash that often blisters. The rash is caused by the urushiol oil found in the plants. The itchy, blistering rash often begins 12 to 72 hours after one comes into contact with the oil.

The rash is not contagious to another person. When the rash seems to spread, this is often caused by a delayed sensitivity reaction. You can spread the oil on your skin after direct exposure by touching other parts of your body. Urushiol can stick to almost anything including pet’s fur, gardening tools or clothing. It is important to clean all surfaces and objects that may have the oil on it.

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Topical and oral steroids as well are effective in treating poison ivy. Oatmeal baths, topical emollients, and antihistamines can lessen the symptoms as well.

Preventing Poison Ivy
Wash skin immediately with lukewarm water and soak if you suspect exposure to the plant. Wash all clothing or objects that may have been exposed to urushiol oil.

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