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Insurance for Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures

Michele S. Green, MD is a board certified cosmetic dermatologist located in New York City. One of the frequent questions that we are asked is whether we accept insurance, and if we are in-network with a certain health care provider.

Cosmetic Procedures are not covered by insurance

The simple answer is that Dr Green’s practice does not accept insurance and is not in-network. There are a number of reasons for this and one of the primary reasons is that typically health insurance providers will not pay for the treatment if that treatment is used for purely for cosmetic reasons. Health insurance does not cover cosmetic dermatology since it is not “medically necessary.”

What if I am here for medical reasons?

In such cases we can provide you with a claim form that you can submit directly to your health insurance company. If you have “Out of Network” benefits, your health insurance company will reimburse you directly based on your specific plan and deductible requirements. You should consult your specific health insurance policy in regards to your specific medical coverage.

How can private medical treatment be beneficial?

Without basing it on who can be covered for what, we believe that we can provide our clients with a better all-round service when we treat patients privately and do not rely on insurance coverage quotas. In addition to that, cosmetic treatments are not covered by any health insurance providers. Dr Green does not want to compromise on treatment to a patient specific problem based on the confines of an HMO. The patient’s health and well-being always come first.

What are my options for insurance?

Our recommendation is to consult with your health insurance provider directly to determine whether your treatment is covered by insurance. In all cases, cosmetic procedures are not covered by any health insurance program.

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