Fraxel Before & After Photos

The main types of Fraxel dual Lasers are the 1550 and 1927, along with the Fraxel re:fine treatment. As non-ablative laser treatments, Fraxel can improve mild to moderate skin damage with little to no downtime. Below are some before and after photos from patients who have underwent such procedures.

Before and After Photo 1 – Fraxel 1927 used for skin pigmentation on hands


Before and After Photo 2 – Fraxel 1927 used for skin pigmentation on hands


Before & After Photo 3 and 4 – Use of Fraxel 1550 to reduce facial wrinkles


Before and After Photo 5 – Fraxel 1550 used for acne scars


Before and After Photo 6 – Fraxel 1927 used for skin pigmentation on face


*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

Fraxel may be combined with other procedures, and care should be taken in order to get the best results. For example, patients should ideally be non-smokers (this is because cigarette smoke can break down the formation of new collagen, therefore reversing any desired effect) and exposure to sunlight, along with strenuous activity should be avoided in the first couple of days post-treatment.

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