If you’ve noticed early signs of aging like crow’s feet or frown lines, you may wonder if it’s time to start thinking about BOTOX® Cosmetic. Ranked as one of the most consistently popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to help men and women look younger, BOTOX® can help you look rejuvenated without surgery or downtime. If you’re new to the idea of BOTOX®, you probably want to know more about what to expect. Below, board certified dermatologist Dr. Michele S. Green answers patients’ most frequently asked questions about getting BOTOX®.

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How Does BOTOX® Work?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is formulated from botulinum toxin, which is a neurotoxin. When used as a cosmetic treatment, BOTOX® is injected in very small amounts, temporarily paralyzing the muscles in the target area. The effect of the neurotoxin allows the muscles to relax and skin to smooth, eliminating fine lines and dynamic wrinkles caused by repeated muscle movement. BOTOX® is FDA-approved for use on crow’s feet (wrinkles at the outside corners of the eyes) and vertical frown lines between the brows, just above the bridge of the nose. Other medical uses for BOTOX® include hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and even migraines.

Am I a Candidate?

The best candidates for BOTOX® should be in good general physical and mental health, and simply want to minimize the appearance of fine lines and moderate dynamic wrinkles without the need for surgery. BOTOX® can also be used preventatively to help slow the development of existing or future wrinkles. It’s important to realize that BOTOX® cannot “fill in” deep lines or facial scars.

Will I Look “Frozen” after BOTOX®?

A skilled injector like Dr. Green knows exactly where to place your injections and how much product to use so that you see improvement in your wrinkles without sacrificing your normal facial expressions. Performed properly, BOTOX® gives very subtle, natural-looking results that leave you looking refreshed, not frozen.

What Should I Expect at My Appointment?

First, Dr. Green will ask you a few questions so she has a clear understanding of your hopes and expectations for BOTOX®. Next, she’ll ask you to make some facial expressions as she closely examines the way the muscles move in your face. This helps her determine where to precisely target the injections for the best results. From start to finish, an entire appointment can often be completed over your lunch break. 

Do the Injections Hurt?

The majority of patients feel little to no discomfort during treatment. However, patients who are more sensitive may prefer using a topical numbing cream prior to their session.

When Will I See Results?

Your final results may be noticeable within a few days after your session, or may take up to 10 days to become visible. The effects are long-lasting, and many patients find they can go between 3 to 5 months between touch-ups.   

Can I Combine BOTOX® with Other Procedures?

It’s very common to combine BOTOX® injections with additional procedures to address more than one appearance concern at the same time. For example, since BOTOX® can’t replace the volume loss that’s responsible for deeper lines and wrinkles like laugh lines, Dr. Green may recommend a dermal filler for some specific areas. A number of patients like to include multiple skin rejuvenation procedures as part of their ongoing skincare regimen, like laser resurfacingmedical-grade facials or chemical peels in addition to BOTOX®. Together, these minimally invasive treatments can give you healthier skin and a refreshed, younger-looking appearance.

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