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Prevention and Treatment of Wrinkles & Vitamin E

Host: My first question, this is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart, what is your best advice for preventing wrinkles and then dealing with wrinkles once you get them?

Dr. Green: The best advice that I can give to my patients and to anyone listening is prevention and treatment. The key things to look for in terms of treatment are products that have retinol in them. What I love and what I’ve recommended to my patients is RoC’s Retinol Actif Pur. If you use this product at night before you go to sleep, what it does is it reduces fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep. In the morning, I recommend using RoC’s moisturizer with a sunblock, which is called Chronoblock Prevention Active. What that does is the keyword is prevention because it combines retinol, vitamin E and sunscreens, which prevent UVA and UVB damage, which basically prevent sun damage from affecting your skin.

Host: When we go to the drugstore and you’re looking at all the ingredients, what do you need to look for?

Dr. Green: What you should look for when you’re looking at ingredients on the shelf are look for products that contain retinol and vitamin E. Those are two key ingredients that help to, one, exfoliate the skin, and two, the vitamin E is an antioxidant, which helps to repair the skin and repair the sun damage.

Host: Now, when you talk about vitamin E, I know this is so hot right now in skin care, you hear antioxidants and vitamins and this is the new big thing, when you think about vitamin E, should you be ingesting vitamin E? Should you be taking vitamin E supplements?

Dr. Green: That’s a really good question. It’s both the oral form of vitamin E and the topical form. There have been studies that show that the oral forms of vitamin E that are antioxidants are actually preventing cancer. By the same token, the newer studies show that topical forms of vitamin E are also preventing skin cancer, but more importantly in terms of cosmetic uses, they’re repairing the sun damage that has been caused by years of sun and it basically gets rid of the dark spots and the blemishes and overall evens out the skin tone.

Host: When I’ve gotten to the drugstore counter, I’ve seen these little bottles that are vitamin E oil. You can take a vitamin E capsule, stick a pin in there, and kind of squeeze out that vitamin E. If you do that and put it on your face, is that going to be effective?

Dr. Green: No. You know, that’s quite different. I actually have patients that often come in and ask me about that, but what that is – is the oils inside a vitamin E capsule actually can cause acne. They’re actually comedogenic. You don’t want to use that. What you want to do is look for a product that’s formulated with vitamin E that is made for people with normal skin and for sensitive skin that’s hypoallergenic, that’s non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t cause acne, and that it’s fragrant-free. That’s what you want to look for in a product that contains vitamin E.

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