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Dr. Green Discusses Essential Oils for Sunburns, Featured in Readers Digest

A sunburn can range from a pinky glow to a blistering burn. To treat everything in between, Dr. Michele Green recommends “tea tree oil, lavender, geranium, peppermint, coconut and chamomile are all soothing, especially with sunburns.” Read this and find out more in an interview she did with Readers Digest this month. Dr. Green also mentions that “I like chamomile the best. It can be applied immediately after a burn. Coconut oil also is really soothing, much like aloe vera gel.”

Oils, vitamins, and gels can be layered and rubbed into the skin with a cool cloth, but Dr. Green cautions against applying these items to first degree or superficial burns — especially blistering skin, which likely will need medical attention.

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