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The non-surgical nose job is an increasingly popular procedure among male and female patients of all ages that do not want to go through an invasive procedure such as rhinoplasty. Not only does the patient not have to deal with the downtime that a surgical procedure would require, there is also minimal pain and a significant cost difference. Here are some of the questions we often get in regards to non-surgical nose job procedures.

What can a non-surgical nose job accomplish?

While non-surgical nose jobs cannot significantly alter a patient’s nose, it can smooth out bumps in the bridge of the nose, lift the tip of the nose or make it appear straighter.

In patients who have a flat nasal bridge, injecting these fillers will create or augment the original bridge. This is a very common request in the Asian and African American population who often have flatter noses. The difference is more dramatic in this group of people because unlike patients with bumps where you’re trying to smooth something out or take something away, you’re adding volume to an area which is exactly what fillers are designed to do. These fillers can also help patients make their noses look more symmetrical, less droopy or even help them determine if the procedure is right for them, since dermal fillers are not permanent.

What is the procedure like?

Dr. Michele Green will initially discuss what you are looking to change and what the best dermal filler options would be to correct it. The options that Dr. Green often use include Juvederm, Restylane and Botox. During the procedure, a topical numbing cream is applied in order to make the injections as painless as possible. The actual injections take around 20 minutes and then ice is given in order to reduce swelling and bruising, however beyond that, you can continue with your day as usual.

What is the advantage of non-surgical nose jobs?

In addition to no downtime, a key advantage is that if the patient is unhappy with the results it is reversible and non-permanent. It can also be used with procedures such as Juvederm Vollure on Nasolabial Folds (laugh lines) nearby to help emphasize the nose’s new appearance in some cases.

If you’re unhappy with how your nose looks, the non-surgical nose job is a good way to see what might work best for you. More and more people are deciding to undergo non-invasive treatments, especially because of the risk involved in traditional surgery procedures.

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