Earlobe skin is very delicate skin and highly vulnerable to trauma. After years of heavy earrings or a traumatic tear to the earlobe itself, this sensitive skin may need to be repaired. Sometimes the earlobe can be ripped completely through resulting in a split-earlobe or torn earlobe.

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No matter what the cause of the tear or drooping, a simple surgical repair can help tremendously. If the earlobes are simply droopy, Dr. Green can inject a dermal filler to plump up this droopy skin. If the tear is deeper, Dr. Green can surgically close the torn earlobe. Torn earlobes are repaired in the office and take only 30 minutes.

In some cases the entire earlobe can be re-shaped or shortened, but this is a bit more involved than a simple torn earlobe. However, both procedures are performed by Dr. Green in her office with just local anesthesia. Stiches are typically removed after 10 days and the earlobe re-pierced approximately one month later, once the area has healed.

Dr. Michele Green brings back all patients to re-pierce the earlobes that she has repaired at no charge, making sure the placement of the new piercing is exact and symmetric with the opposite side.

Ear Lobe Repair New York
*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

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