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Eskata (Hydrogen Peroxide) Approved by FDA for Seborrheic Keratosis

One of the newest FDA approved treatments is called Eskata, from a company called Aclaris Therapeutics. Eskata is a topical treatment for raised Seborrheic Keratoses.

What is Seborrheic Keratosis?

These are growths on the face or body that can appear in various color shades such as brown, black or even tan. These growths (also known as Age Spots) are typically raised over the skin and have a waxy, scaly appearance. These raised spots appear over time as we age and can start to show up in a person’s 30s and 40s.

The good news is that seborrheic keratosis is non-cancerous and is easy to treat, typically (and historically with a laser). It should be noted that these raised spots can look very similar to cancerous growths, so if you note skin changes such as this on your face or body you should have the area professionally assessed, since both the non-cancerous growths, and cancerous growths can appear very similar. Because of this an appraisal with Dr. Green is necessary and should be made prior to treatment with Eskata.

What is Eskata?

Eskata itself is a high-concentration Hydrogen Peroxide formulation with a 40% weight / weight (w/w). Eskata is a topical solution, and the substance is applied directly to the growth using a soft-tip, pen-like applicator. Eskata then works itself into the growth and breaks down the cells, causing oxidative damage which in turn destroys the growth.

Prior to the FDA approval of Eskata, dermatologists would remove lesions via the use of a laser or scalpel, but now there is an easier way to do so, more patients may be interested. For example, the Eskata treatment itself is very quick to deploy and can be done within your lunch break or after your work day. It is possible that there will be some minor side effects from the treatment, including itching, some stinging and potentially some post treatment crusting, redness and scaling as the Eskata treatment works on eliminating the growth.

Find out more about Eskata or if you want to discuss issues with skin growths such as Seborrheic Keratoses then contact Dr. Michele Green at her NYC based office by calling 212-535-3088 or contacting us online.

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