Vampire Facelift & Vampire Facials, PRP Facials

    With popularity rising thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians, more and more people are interested in Vampire Facials and Vampire Facelifts. Based on Google keyword data, Vampire Facials are almost twice as popular as Vampire Facelifts these days, but how does it all work – better yet, what is the actual difference between the two?

    A Vampire Facelift is a skin rejuvenation procedure that aims to restore youthful appearance in the face, as well as fullness via the injection of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) with fillers such as Juvederm. A Vampire Facial, however, just injects the PRP by itself via a procedure known as Microneedling. The origination of the term “Vampire” for these types of treatments is because the PRP is taken from the patient’s own blood.

    Vampire Facelift

    The first step is to inject hyaluronic acid fillers to help restore volume in the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance that can last from 6 months up to one year. These types of fillers include Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma and Belotero. Dr. Green recommends Juvederm for her patients: “I have found that Juvederm, which has the highest concentration of HA (Hyaluronic Acid), and a smooth, homogeneous composition, provides excellent results and a high degree of patient satisfaction.” The Hyaluronic Acid injections fill the deeper lines and wrinkles, while the PRP helps improve skin tone, texture and fine lines.

    After that, the PRP is prepared for the next part of the procedure (for a Vampire Facial, we would start here). A sample of blood is collected from the patient and then spun in a centrifuge to help isolate the PRP cells, after which the platelets are then injected back into your skin, especially your deeper lines.

    PRP contains many growth factors and can be performed monthly. It is often also used for hair restoration for instance, as well as injury healing such as for tendons and muscle injury since the use of one’s own platelets can speed up the healing process.

    Vampire Facial

    The Vampire Facial is the one that Kim Kardashian made popular. And as noted above, this non-surgical procedure skips the dermal filler part. The procedure starts with topical anesthetics to relieve any discomfort from the procedure. After that, a Microneedling pen such as the Eclipse Micropen is used.

    The Microneedling is done with two passes on each side of the face, first with serum and then with your own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). Patients can resume regular activities the same day. Some patients may get a feeling that resembles a light sunburn in the first 24 hours. In all cases the procedure can be done on an outpatient basis and even during your lunch break.

    How often should one get a Vampire Facial?

    Once a month for the first three months, and then after this, patients can make additional appointments every twelve months for additional maintenance and upkeep.

    Vampire Facial before and after photo

    24 year old female – PRP / Vampire Facial with Voluma

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    *Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.