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Bagsnob Features Dr. Green on PRP & Hair Loss Article

Bagsnob featured Dr. Green in an interview with various doctors about Hair loss. The Bagsnob article talks about differences in hair loss occurrences and procedures for men vs. women. “Men usually suffer from genetic hair loss and can start at even earlier ages,” says Dr. Michele Green. Whereas for women, “Vitamin deficiencies and anemias can also cause hair loss whereas women can have hormonal as well as genetic reasons for losing hair – sometimes oral contraceptives, Spironolactone, or Propecia can be quite effective in growing back hair.”

The most popular option in our office is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma injections). “I take the patient’s blood and spin it down and glean the richest parts that have the growth factors and re-inject them into the scalp and cause new hair growth and the thickening of current hair.  It is extremely popular for both men and women.”

Find out more about PRP treatment options for Women and PRP treatment for Men.

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