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Dr. Green talks about common causes for hair loss such as stress, nutrition and hormones today in “How Much Hair Loss is Normal?” at Hum’s The Wellnest website where she notes that “if you are experiencing hair shedding of greater than 125 strands a day or if you have observed bald spots on your scalp or a widening of your hairline,” it may be time to get in touch with a doctor.

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Stress is a common factor and it can take six weeks to six months after a stressful event for hair loss to happen. Nutrition is also vital, as “poor nutrition can cause malabsorption and inflammation in the body, which can disrupt the growth cycle of the hair,” says Dr. Green. “Inflammation does not allow the cells to repair completely, and that cell damage results in hair loss.”

Find out more at How Much Hair Loss is Normal? A Trichologist and Derm Explain.| HUM Nutrition Blog

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