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When Should You Apply Sunscreen

Ahead of the Independence Day holiday weekend, many people will be spending time out in the sun. So when is the right time to apply sunscreen? Watch Dr. Michele Green discuss how to get the best effect from applying sunscreen before going out in the sun this summer.

Most people go outside and then they apply the sunscreen and thats not the way you want to maximize the effect, you want to put the sunscreen on a half hour before you actually go outside, that gives it time to penetrate and work better.

And always make sure to apply sunscreen to areas of the skin that you dont think about, like your ears, the top of your head, the top of your feet, people get burned in those areas because they don’t think about applying sunscreen.

Even people get skin cancer on their lips, they have SPF lip balms now, all those things help decrease your sun exposure over the course of a your whole lifetime.

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