What Are Skin Tags and How Can I Have Them Removed? Health.com

    Amanda Gardner from Health.com interviews Dr. Michele Green about Skin Tags and how to remove them. Skin Tags are small, fleshy growths that occur in almost half of all adults.

    The article talks about the various ways skin tags can be removed, such as via freezing it with liquid nitrogen (called cryosurgery); burning it off (electrocautery); or cutting it off at the base with sterile scissors or a blade. In some cases, especially if its a larger tag, you may need local anesthesia and stitches. In most cases, removal “takes two minutes; it’s pretty quick,” says Dr. Green.

    It is a popular procedure in the summer months, so find out more about it at https://www.michelegreenmd.com/medical/skin-tag-removal and read the full article at http://www.health.com/skin-conditions/skin-tag-removal