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Thermage is amazing at raising eyebrows, jowls, chins, necks, and jowls, with NO downtime. Thermage is amazing at non-surgically lifting the skin without a facelift.  Thermage with the new CPT tip technology has continued to exceed expectations with its results.

Most patients do not want a face lift.  They do not want to have any down time and are afraid of surgery and the risks of anesthesia.  Thermage has helped fill this need in patients who do not want to have surgery. 

Dr. Michele Green has been on the forefront of aesthetic technologies and procedures and has perfected the technique with Thermage for skin tightening.  Through radiofrequency technology, Thermage heats up the skin and stimulates the body’s own collagen to rejuvenate the skin.  Areas that were difficult to rejuvenate with fillers such as the brow, neck, and the area under the chin can now be treated with Thermage. 

Thermage is completely painless.  Dr. Green performs the procedure in the office without the need for even local anesthesia.  We use an ultrasound gel over the treatment areas and perform several passes of heat to the area being treated.  Heating the brow and forehead area provides a “brow lift” as new collagen is generated and lifts the skin. 

Gradually over the next few months after the procedure your own collagen is remodelled and while the skin is tightened the and sagging diminished, the appearance of wrinkles also fades away.

Thermage is the ideal treatment for patients in NYC who are busy and want to postpone surgery.  In combination with other non-invasive modalities like dermal fillers, lasers like Clear & Brilliant, and good skin care, Dr. Green will customize a treatment protocol to best fit your needs and provide you with a rejuvenated appearance.

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