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Restore Volume to Your Face with Voluma in New York City

 One of the earliest sign of aging is the loss of collagen in the face.  This collagen loss contributes to the aging process because collagen serves as the natural scaffolding to the face.  The newest way and the only FDA approved way to provide an “instant” lift to your skin is through Voluma.  The key to rejuvenating the mid face, where the cheeks have started to sag and there are hollows stretched out of the skin is through replacing this lost volume.  Treating with Voluma and other facial fillers and restore your natural features and keeps you away from the plastic surgeon for many years! Voluma is quick and painless and the results last up to two years.  

Voluma is a hyaluronic acid based injection from the makers of Juvederm.  Voluma is injected deep into the subcutaneous layer and Dr. Michele Green who is a master injector is skilled for these highly skilled injections.    Voluma can also be used in the chin area ago rejuvenate other areas as well.  Dr. Green’s artistic approach will rejuvenate and restore the aging process in a natural and beautiful way.

    Leslie- Voluma crop 

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