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With summer in full swing, you may have heard enough about sweating, but hey, its good for you! SheKnows magazine looked at “All the Ways Sweating Is Actually Good for You (& Necessary)” this week and “Sweat, also known as perspiration, is the way your body cools itself down,” dermatologist Dr. Michele Green tells SheKnows. “When your body begins to overheat, you sweat to regulate its temperature. This process is called thermoregulation. Your body functions best when its temperature is at approximately 98.6 degrees F. When the temperature of your body increases and starts to get hotter, your brain emits messages to the rest of your body signaling it to sweat.”

Find out more about what sweat really is, what the benefits are – beyond just cooling you down – for example, Dr. Green notes that “sweating can also reduce levels of heavy metals — like copper, zinc, nickel and mercury — found in the body.”

In some cases though, sweat may be excessive. This is known as hyperhidrosis and this can be treated with Botox.

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