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Fashion and Wellness website talks skincare with Dr. Michele Green in today’s article titled, “Your Skincare Routine Is Missing Something” where the article investigates various options for making skincare routines a little less agonizing.

For example: Dr. Michele Green notes that PHAs (Poly-hydroxy acids) have similar exfoliating effects as their more-common counterparts (AHAs and BHAs), without causing irritation or sensitivity. “These acids are much milder than AHAs or BHAs which makes them an excellent alternative for individuals with sensitive skin,” also noting that “PHAs are also exfoliants, however, they do not penetrate the deep layers of the skin. Instead, they exfoliate the surface of the skin which makes product absorption more effective.”

Find out more about what PHA infused products are recommended by Dr. Green as options that can help hydrate and take care of your skin at

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