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What to know about Postpartum Hair Loss –

Dr. Green was interviewed by Jelani Addams Rosa on in an article today called “Postpartum Hair Loss: Why It Happens And What You Need To Know About It.”  They talk about how postpartum hair loss can occur post-pregnancy and answers key questions such as:

  • Is it normal to lose hair after pregnancy?
  • How long does postpartum shedding last?
  • Can you prevent postpartum hair loss?
  • Does biotin help with postpartum hair loss?
  • Will your hair recover from postpartum hair loss?

“It can take up to three months to start noticing shedding as hair enters telogen effluvium phase—the phase that hair goes into the dormant cycle—and starts to fall out,” Dr. Green explains. “The telogen effluvium phase can last another three months so it can take up to six months before hair starts to make a complete recovery.”

Read the whole interview and answers to the questions above at – and read more about PRP treatments for women with hair loss


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