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What Do You If You Have White Spots on Nails – Insider

There are many reasons a white spot could appear on your nail, for example, “overuse of an electric file or aggressively pushing back the cuticles using a metal tool can damage the nail,” says Michele Green, MD in today’s article titled “5 reasons why there are white spots on your nails and how to avoid them.”

nails stock photo

nails stock photo

The best way to treat nail damage is just letting the nail grow out, Green says. She also noted that it’s also best to seek out nail technicians that are trained in applying and removing nail enhancements without damaging the nail bed.  The cause can also be a fungal infect or a lack of nutrients, “because the nail plate is made of a variety of nutrients in certain proportions, a deficiency in nutrients can show on the nails,” Green says.

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