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Well+Good wanted to know what are the most common myths about wrinkles? So they asked Dr. Michele Green in “I’m a Dermatologist, and These are the 4 Myths About Wrinkles I Hear Most Often” for her expert point of view.

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Common myths included:

  1. If there are clouds in the sky, no sunscreen is needed to fend off UV rays and protect against wrinkles
  2. Oily skin is a natural protector against wrinkles
  3. Once you start getting wrinkles, there’s no going back
  4. It’s too early for Botox injections to treat wrinkles

Dr. Green dispels all four with ideas on what to do in each situation, for example “Botox injections can be used preventatively,” she says. “We can essentially ‘freeze’ an area before wrinkles and fine lines begin to form by using small amounts of Botox, aka ‘baby Botox.’” When Botox is used in small amounts in a preventative way, Dr. Green says that you’ll be able to greatly prevent any unwanted crow’s feet and 11 lines.

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