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Sunscreen Often Underused, Higher SPF Recommended by Dr. Green in

An article on notes that many people apply sunscreen too thinly, and that could mean far less sun protection than they hoped for, new research in the British journal Acta DV in July 2018 shows.

This means that in most cases, it is better to use a higher SPF sunscreen and to make sure it is applied frequently.
Dr. Michele Green was quoted in the article, noting that people “reapply sunscreen every two hours if outdoors. In addition, if you are fair-skinned with a predisposition to skin cancers, you should wear SPF of 50+ and protective clothing.”

Clothing is a factor, she added. “There is an abundance of sun-protection clothing on the market which will provide additional protection against the damaging rays of the sun,” Green said. “It also helps as most people only apply sunscreen on their face and do not spend the time to apply on their body as well.”

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