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Spy Explore Dandruff Causes & Dandruff Shampoos With Dr. Green

How common is dandruff, how do you get rid of it, these and more questions about dandruff were discussed over the weekend on  For example “(dandruff) can crop up from excess oil, which feeds the Malassezia, a dry scalp, especially during colder seasons, and poor hygiene” said Dr. Green.  She also talks about the ingredients used to combat dandruff, noting that many shampoos use salicylic acid to break down dry scalp buildup and clear away oils, which can be hugely beneficial against dandruff.  Dr. Green notes that “The salicylic acid helps to clear the scalp of any buildup that might encourage yeast to grow and essentially exfoliate the scalp to keep it clean and flake-free.”

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She also talks about common causes of dandruff such as stress and even exercise.  Find out more at “How To Get Rid of Dandruff: Dermatologists Share the Best Treatments, Natural Remedies & Tips.” Spy and Dr. Green also talked about this prior, exploring the causes to learn more about the condition and how it can be treated with anti-dandruff shampoos at “Wear Dark Colors With Confidence Thanks to the Best Dandruff Shampoos

Last but not least, they also talk about shampoos for Psoriasis (dry skin) on the scalp if the dry scalp itch might be from something other than dandruff at “Is Your Scalp Itch Out of Control? A Psoriasis Shampoo Might Be Able To Help.”

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