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Julie Ricevuto of Spotlyte by Allergan interviews Dr. Michele Green in the article titled “Upper East Side Derm Dr. Michele Green Dishes on Her Most Requested Treatments.”

They talk about her range of cutting-edge, in-office treatments and what her clients know about them. “[My] patients are very, very bright,” explains Dr. Green. “They come in and most of them know what they want because they’ve already read about it or they’ve already had different procedures [done].”

The interview discusses inspiration, skincare routines and skincare philosophy along with various recommendations from Dr. Green, as well as what her clientele is like and what some of the most popular treatments these days include, such as Thermage®, eMatrix®, Fraxel, Clear + Brilliant®, and Vbeam®, plus what she recommends to not only her patients, but her two girls also.

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