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Anti Aging Skincare Routines, Discussed on Haute Beauty

“Haute Beauty Experts List The Perfect Skincare Routine For Anti-Aging” asked a few of the top dermatologists about anti aging. Dr. Green notes that the “perfect skincare routine would always involve staying out of the sun since there is nothing worse for the aging of your skin than sun damage. UV rays cause pigmentation, fine lines, deep wrinkles, and ruin the texture of your skin.”

products by mgskinlabs

The perfect skincare recipe includes her MGSKINLABs Serums and skin care products which you can find here.  She also recommends Thermage FLX to increase the “collagen bank” in her skin and tighten up along with Fraxel and Vbeam.

Read more at Haute Beauty Experts List The Perfect Skincare Routine For Anti-Aging – Haute Beauty by Haute Living

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