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Shape Discuss Using Botox for Migraines With Dr. Green

Migraines can be a debilitating problem that can affect some people on a regular basis. Often, treatment for a migraine consists of rest in a dark room with painkillers. However, this doesn’t always provide much relief. For those who have migraines and severe headaches regularly this can be a difficult condition to deal with. The good news is that there is a treatment that can be used that can help reduce headaches and migraines that are caused by stress and tension, which is Botox.


Shape have talked to Dr. Green on how Botox can be used to help relieve migraine pain when it is injected into the forehead and glabella area. Dr. Green mentions that the reason Botox works is that it helps to relieve the tension in this area. Dr. Green also notes that it is more common for women to experience migraine pain.

To learn more on how Botox can be used for migraines, visit Shape to read: “Getting Botox for Migraines Changed My Life” and view our site to read more about Botox for Migraines.

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