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Tips & Tricks to Working From Home and The Five Minute Makeover

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit, for some of us our working lives have changed dramatically. Today, it is more common than ever to avoid going into the office and instead work from home. For many people, this change has been difficult since they have had to adapt to a new type of working environment.

When at home it may be be normal for you to wear PJs or sweatpants but normally you wouldn’t dream of doing so in the office. However, with video conferencing some people have found it difficult to present themselves at home as they would normally in the office, since there seems to be less incentive to put on make up, dress up and do your hair properly.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a long time getting yourself ready for your next Zoom call. Instead there are some quick fixes you can adopt to help you look your best, in the shortest possible time.

working from home

RealSelf have talked about this issue with Dr. Michele Green and they together they have put an article together to help you get ready and look your best quickly. You can get tips and tricks from RealSelf and Dr. Green.

You can read the article, “Go From PJs to Pulled-Together—In 5 Minutes—Before Your Next Zoom Meeting” on the RealSelf site at

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