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How To Treat Eczema, Recommendations From Dr. Green in Readers Digest

Eczema is a common skin condition, especially in winter months. Readers Digest interviewed some of the top dermatologists in order to find out how they go about treating it. Dr. Michele Green recommended a couple of common solutions overall, Oatmeal baths and Topical steroids.

“Adding colloidal oatmeal to your bath is one of the 10 home remedies for eczema, and it really soothes the itch,” says Dr. Michele S. Green. Not only does bathing provides hydration to thirsty eczema-prone skin but the oatmeal soothes the irritation.

Topical steroids, this is an option for more severe cases, “if moisturizing and other preventive measures don’t work,” though they can also have some side effects and so it is best to discuss all options with your dermatologist.

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