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With people seeking quick results from Botox more and more these days, you often hear about those seeking quick results from Botox, or terms like “emergency Botox” and “walk in Botox,” but there’s one tried and true solution that research studies have found to help speed the wrinkle-smoothing effects of botulinum toxin (Botox), thanks to researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago.

The solution, Exercise! The new study included 22 adult women with forehead wrinkles who were treated with Botox. Half of them exercised their facial muscles for four hours with particular exercises after the injections, and the other half did not. This can help with initial results, however after two weeks, the difference no longer exists. The exercises also made no difference in how long the effects of treatment lasted, according to the study published Oct. 25 in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Healthday interviewed various expert dermatologists, including Dr. Michele Green who noted that “there finally is an answer to the myth of whether or not facial exercises after Botox has any effect,” and “since so many patients wait until the eleventh hour to do cosmetic procedures, this will be a great way to have the results that they want more quickly.”

In fact, if you are thinking of “emergency Botox” it is certainly one thing we’ll note, but find out what else we can advise for your overall skin care and wrinkle treatment needs and contact us today or read more about Botox here.

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