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Popular Cosmetic Treatments in NYC Due To The Zoom Effect

Dr. Green was featured on “How New Yorkers Are Battling the “Zoom Effect”: 6 Cosmetic Treatments That Are on the Rise.” Which talks about what cosmetic treatments are becoming more popular due to online conference calls and meetings with people on video chat platforms such as Zoom.

woman using laptop

woman using laptop

Combined with the recipe of mask wearing “maskne” and stress in these times, along with more time indoors “patients who have had acne scars are using this period to have laser treatments to finally address the treatment of their acne scars, now that they have the downtime,” and Dr. Green often recommends eMatrix, which  reduces the appearance of acne scars, enlarged pores and mild to moderate wrinkles in addition brightening the skin and improving skin texture. with just a little downtime.

The other big trend is hair loss due to stress in many cases too, where she recommends PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), and for an average case, approximately four consecutive monthly treatments of PRP injections followed by maintenance treatments every four to six months.

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