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While many will be watching their favorite actors and actresses this weekend at the 90th Academy Awards, known to many as the Oscars, we will be looking at who achieves Oscars-worthy skin, especially with stars appearing in films that are on bigger screens and higher definition TVs that can uncover any flaws from a distance!

With this in mind, Dr. Michele Green shared with HOLA! magazine her DIY secrets for a glowing complexion to get that look of a hollywood A-list star. First off, there’s no need to spend a lot, for instance, stars such as Gal Gadot and Kendall Jenner are big fans of DIY skin recipes.

To get started, Dr. Green talks about how to make sure one’s pores are open and ready. “To do this, Dr. Green recommended boiling water with green tea bags until it starts to emit steam. Once boiling, you must turn off the stove and place your clean face over the steam with your hair tied back. By doing this, your pores will slowly open up and begin to release what’s trapped inside of them, so this is especially helpful for those with acne-prone skin. After five minutes, apply a mask or treatment on immediately for the best results.”

Find out this and more, such as Dr. Green’s recommendations for a brighter complexion and get that Oscar winning look today at –

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