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Learn About Sculptra Butt Lifts, Haute Beauty interview with Dr. Green

If you are suffering with a sagging rear end, then up until recently if you wanted to address this issue you’d have to go for a form of plastic surgery. With modern dermatological procedures this is no longer necessary. Treatments such as Sculptra can be used to provide a firmer butt and give the rear some additional lift. Sculptra works by promoting new collagen growth, which helps make the butt less saggy.

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The web site Haute Beauty has looked into Sculptra as a treatment and provided a full run down as to how Sculptra works and what the process of having a butt lift entails. They have also discussed the procedure with Dr. Green to garner insight from her medical know-how on this subject.

Take a look at the full article on the Haute web site, titled: “Sculptra: The Minimally Invasive Butt Lift You’ve Been Waiting For“.

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