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InStyle’s Beauty Investigator- Laser Skin Rejuvenation

“Who can resist a visit to inStyle’s Beauty Investigator? – especially when Dr. Michele S. Green has such good advice for us about laser treatments around your eyes and mouth! They help remove deep wrinkles and form healthy new collagen, but it used to mean a 3-week sunburn from hell – redness, oozing, peeling. Not any more! Nd:YAG laser does not burn that outer layer of skin, yet it still causes collagen reformation to fill in and plump out fine lines.”

“With Nd:YAG you won’t look like a burn victim and, says dermatologist Dr. Green, “It doesn’t make you bruise or swell, and you can go back to work right away.” “

Read more from Dr. Green about laser skin rejuvenation here

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