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InStyle Discuss Anti-Wrinkle & Soap Products With Dr. Green

When there is a product out on the market which gets good reviews from its users or mentions on social media platforms, it common for people to take note and want to try it for themselves. This is the case with Ogee’s Seeds of Youth Serum and another soap sponge product.

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InStyle have talked to Dr. Green about Ogee’s Seeds of Youth Serum and how this product might work to help deal with facial wrinkles. In addition to that, she also looked at trending soap sponge “T.Taio Esponjabon Sponge Soap Concha Nacar” which is currently big on TikTok.  Dr. Green notes that the “Mother of pearl extract is a natural and gentle exfoliator derived from oyster shell powder” when asked about its key ingredients.

Read the full article, “This Line-Plumping Elixir Helps Wrinkles When Nothing Else Can” and over at “This Is the Scar-Fading Soap Everyone’s Watching in Action on TikTok” to learn what Dr. Green thinks about the wrinkle products.

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